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Limited Edition - T-Shirts

100% of the proceeds go to Feeding America.

— Helwani Boxing —
— Limited Edition Helwani Boxing T-Shirts!—

Over the past year, I’ve really enjoyed boxing at a local gym, and I’ve missed it since this pandemic started. So, last week I decided to buy one of those ball-on-a-string-attached-to-your-head-thingies just for fun. I posted a video using it my Instagram and a few hours later a couple of people sent me videos of them doing it, too. 

And thus, the legend of Helwani Boxing was born.  It’s been great seeing so many people - young and old - partake in this. To be clear, I am not selling these things,  I just thought it was a fun thing to do to promote a little exercise during this crazy time.  The response has been great. I really look forward to seeing all the videos.

Now it’s time to take Helwani Boxing to the next level, thanks to my man Lebo. I invite you all to purchase these limited edition Helwani Boxing shirts, which were designed by the brilliant Lebo. 

Thanks for your support. Let’s keep this going.

—Ariel Helwani

100% of the proceeds will go to Feeding America.
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