USA is Us!

USA is Us!

Anyone that’s taken the time out to study our history realizes that the forefathers of our country valued the freedom of the individual. A revolutionary concept in building a nation and one that set the tone for the age of enlightened. With this noble goal, our country has grown and shown what amazing things can happen with this guiding principle. Free to be. This has been steadfastly supported by our nations veterans and police force. Not an easy task but a valiant one indeed. This image is a Reminder that freedom isn’t free and many fought and are fighting for our right to be free.

>Portions of the proceeds will be used towards supporting our veterans and enlisted soldiers on an individual basis. Please inquire to learn more about our one on one work with our soldiers and veterans.

> Each print we produce is printed per order, locally in a small print shop in South Florida. This item will ship out in approximately 7-9 business days.



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