E Pluribus Unum - Limited Edition Sketchbook

E Pluribus Unum - Limited Edition Sketchbook

"E pluribus unum" was our country’s motto coined in 1776, meaning, “from many, one” in Latin. I feel it's a perfect encapsulation of what makes the United States so unique. Whether it’s celebrating our differences or the similarities within our differences, this month's sketchbook celebrates unity in all its forms.

50% of all the proceeds will be donated to the Wounded Warrior Project. The Wounded Warrior Project is a charity and veterans service organization that offers a variety of programs, services, and events for wounded veterans of the military actions following September 11, 2001.

Each print we produce is printed per order, locally in a small print shop in South Florida. LEBO also personally hand signs and thumbprints each one. This print will ship out in approximately 9-15 business days.

This item features:


*Frame not included