Lebo's South Florida Field Guide  - Premier Edition (1 of 1)

Lebo's South Florida Field Guide - Premier Edition (1 of 1)

A Special Opportunity to own a one of a kind painted / hand embellished wood print PLUS a complete set of signed, numbered, and embossed prints from this series.

This Premier Edition is truly one of a kind! When this piece sells another will NOT be produced, ever.

  • You will be sent a painted / hand embellished wood print from David that's 24" X 48" tall!
    > A Gorgeous one of a kind piece on birch wood, that is ready to hang. The natural wood grains blend beautifully with this natural subject matter and the carefully selected paints by David. > Videos and photos of your one of a kind art piece being produced are coming soon so you can see up close for yourself.

  • 6 Prints – Each hand-signed by David (LEBO) Le Batard
  • Each print is numbered & embossed on a premium Strathmore stock and will have at least one deckled (or rough/torn) edge. 
  • Includes the Limited Edition Cover Art print ONLY available with complete set purchases

About the Limited Edition Cover Art (available ONLY with complete set purchases): Florida is a state surrounded by water and abundant in wildlife. Any animal can live here aside from arctic penguins and polar bears. This is partly what makes its flora and fauna so spellbinding. Where there is water there is life and this latest release entitled Lebo’s South Florida Field Guide is a journey into this nature lovers subtropical paradise.

What you get: 6 prints total that includes the Limited Edition cover art only available with complete set purchases. You will own one of just 21 pieces ever produced. Plus the one of a kind wood print, hand embellished by David, and signed with a letter of authenticity from Lebo Studios! 🔥

* Frames not included

• 3 11x17 prints
• 1 11x14
• 2 8x17
• 24x48" hand embellished wood print! 

* Frames not included, mockups presented are for presentation only, items are not 100% true to scale with their environment, paper and print variations will occur as each piece is custom produced per your order.


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