Made in Miami - Limited Edition Sketchbook

Made in Miami - Limited Edition Sketchbook

Those of us from Miami know it’s a sunny place for shady people. Said with affection, this phrase is an irreverent nod to our sultry, seedy tropical playground in the deep, deep South. The main source of this sketch came from Miami’s city seal. Fun to take a somewhat stiff municipal emblem and try to breathe a warm punch of color and story into it. From the scorching summer sun to the magical midnight moon, Miami is the place for me.

Each print we produce is printed per order, locally in a small print shop in South Florida. LEBO also personally hand signs and thumbprints each one. This print will ship out in approximately 9-15 business days.

AVAILABLE in two sizes: 8x10 and 11x14

This item features:

*Frames not included