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The Wearer, What & Who - Lebo Collector Pin Set

The Wearer, What & Who - Lebo Collector Pin Set

Pins have been used for hundreds of years as talismans, to denote rank and in support of political and social groups. In more recent times they are badges that display individual attitudes and style. Often traded and collected among aficionados they have risen to the rank of both cultural icons as well as coded, wearable  calling cards that reveal the inner workings of the wearer. 

Lebo studios is proud to bring you our second limited-edition collection of enamel pins titled, “the wearer, what and who” series. Mystical in their expression this expertly crafted collection is meant to evoke other worldly expressions with the wide eyed wonder of children’s art. 

May you wear them in health, happiness and with love. 

This item features:  

These enamel pins sets are a very limited run of only 50 sets. Our Soft Enamel pins come with black rubber clutch backing and are the perfect addition to any outfit.

This pin set ships out in approximately 4 - 5 business days.


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