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Valentine Box Tier 4 - Timed Release - Lebo Magical Box

Valentine Box Tier 4 - Timed Release - Lebo Magical Box

On such a holy day as this, You and Me humble witnesses in a moment of gratitude with a divine revelation, Free to Feel Love and to Love Lover. Witness this moment as we pass this splendid moment by, bye. 

This Lebo Magical Box includes:

 - Hand-Drawn Color Sketch
 - Hand-Painted Succulent Plant approx. 2.75"x 2.75"x 3"
 - 50x60" Sherpa Blanket or Behold Creation Necklace 
 - A Limited Edition Sketchbook Print
 - Postcard Pack - 4x6" 
 - Sticker Pack - Approx. 3x3" 
 - Godiva Chocolate Bar and more surprise goodies...

Each print is embossed, numbered and hand signed by David "LEBO" Le Batard.

This item features:


This box's contents are being printed per order and and can take up to 14 business days to ship as this box includes a Limited Edition Sketchbook Print.

The Sketchbook Prints we produce are printed per order, locally in a small print shop in South Florida. LEBO then personally hand signs and or personalizes each print. Printing takes approximately 7 - 10 business days, and Signing and or Personalization can take 7 - 10 business. Once shipped boxes should arrive in 2-3 business days.

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