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Lebo Studios, Ubud-Bali – Jewelry Process

Lebo Studios, Ubud-Bali

We were thrilled to get this footage from our partners in Ubud, Bali showcasing the amazing artisans hand crafting the beautiful pieces of original Lebo jewelry many of our fans have come to love. In a world of mass produced quick turn products this serves as a reminder of what true craftsmanship really is. Each piece carefully thought out and produced with great care using a process that goes back ages. We felt it was important for you to know that each piece you purchase supports these amazing artists on the other side of the world. That they are paid a generous living wage for every piece produced and that your purchase is making a true difference in the lives of many, their families and communities.

If you own a piece of Lebo jewelry wear it with pride and let others know about it's journey. Know that you've helped lift others up. And know that many greatly appreciate your support. — Much love, Team Lebo

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