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Returns & Shipping

We like to keep things easy here - think island style. We don't want to bore or scare you with a page of legal jargon and strict terms. So here's just a few things to keep in mind:

Everything on our site for the most part is custom printed per order. Give us and our vendors a few days to process the order, print the item and then ship. Keep in mind that dependent on your selected shipping type normal conditions apply (ie. maybe it's late due to weather or influx of holiday traffic or the delivery truck got a flat tire.)

Since each item is custom printed to order...meaning once it's printed or shipped, it's final sale. All items sold on this website are final sale. We don't have the inventory on hand to easily accommodate exchanges. With that said, we're reasonable people - if there's an issue, just email us, state your case and we'll do our best to help.

Many thanks for supporting my work and allowing me to continue on the creative path, doing my best to follow the sacred signs, and allowing me to be an endless explorer and student for life. Oh, and allowing me from getting a real job.


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