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Lebo Sketchbook Prints

- Special Edition Sketchbook Print -

The Newest Cartoon Collection images are back, but this time in our popular Sketchbook Print format! Each print is Hand-Signed by Lebo and logo embossed.
Get yours before they’re gone!

Vault Released Signed Sketchbooks

For the fist time in Lebo Studios history we are pulling items from our vaults to offer everyone one last chance to own these signed prints.
Each Print is hand-signed by David (LEBO) Le Batard.

The prints are numbered, thumb-printed and are embossed on acid free card-stock.
If you are extra lucky you may even get and Artist Proof (AP)

Signed & Personalized Sketchbooks Prints

These new prints are the perfect item to add to your collection.
Each print is not only hand-signed but also personalized by David (LEBO) Le Batard.

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Limited Edition Premium Sketchbook Print Sets

Each set includes all 5 hand-signed, embossed and numbered Sketchbook Prints.
Exclusive Package includes a personalized Original Sketch, an exclusive Sticker Pack and more.


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