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Fatherly Advice - Lebo Coasters

Fatherly wisdom can come in many forms. Wisdom passed down through ages sharpened like iron to a fine edge that has always been a balance to the fluid, curved energy of the divine feminine. This release draws from inspirations of masculine energy throughout my studio.

A time to soar – fear no boundary or any altitude. as long as you are tethered to the pursuit of truth and wisdom.

A time to rest – in the Understanding of duality we stress the importance of perseverance and friction. Equal parts meditation and stillness are required for true self-awareness. A pebble dropped in a still pond ripples into eternity.

A time for change – we are but a divine ghost in a splendid machine. Though the shell may change form our light is timeless. Change unchanging is the way of greater understanding. Metamorphosis eternal.

A time for Thanksgiving – Gratitude is of the highest order of awareness. In Zen Buddhism, we learn that each moment is a miracle, each breath and engagement with the everlasting. Taking time out to celebrate the perfection in this very moment is a love supreme.

These coasters are printed per order, locally in a small print shop in South Florida and take approximately 5 -7 business days to process.

- Instantly brighten up your table, while protecting furniture from watermarks and liquid blemishes
Designed to absorb messy drips and condensation from beverages
Non-slip cork backing protects furniture tops and fine surfaces
- Set of 4
- Coaster measures 3.75" x 3.75"

This item features:



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