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In the darkest of night, I am there - Mineral Print -

In the Darkest of Night, I Am There Flag - Lebo Steel Mineral Print

Captain William Moultrie was ordered to capture Fort Johnson in Charleston Harbor, South Carolina from the British in 1775. He and his men promptly brought down the kings flag and hoisted the newly created Moltrie’s flag into clear view so approaching British ships would see that liberty had replaced tyranny. With its deep field of blue being illuminated by a crescent moon in its upper corner encasing the word “liberty”. Free to be, free to believe. An ideal that stands as true today as it did in 1775.

This Steel Mineral Print is available in 15x10"

This item features:


Mineral prints are crafted using a proprietary fine art metal printing technique that results in a high gloss image printed on medium gauge steel. A sleek modern finish very compatible with interiors looking for a sharp, polished look.

Printing and Shipping Information:

This piece is custom printed per order and takes approximately 7 - 10 business days to print and 4-5 business days to ship.

*Please note all images below are computer renderings and not actual images of the product. Due to the type of material and printing process your image may print different than it appears on the rendering.*


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